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Pet Rescue

Pet Door Discounts for Pet Rescue Dogs and Cats.

At Samantha’s Pet Doors, we believe in pet rescue and adoption. We believe there is a home for every pet in need and enough love to save the lives of all homeless pets everywhere. That is how we ended up with our beloved dog Sandy.

To support other pet rescue owners we offer a $25 discount on all pet doors we install for a cat or dog that has been adopted through pet rescue.

Pet rescue is a great way to help save the life of a dog or cat that needs a home.

Did you know?
• Every year, approximately 230,000* pets remain unclaimed in Australia’s pounds and shelters. That’s roughly 110,000* dogs and 120,000* cats left homeless each year.
• On average, 40% of these unclaimed pets are killed at the pound simply because homes aren’t found for them.
• Pet Rescue helps save the lives of these pets by helping them find new homes.

Let us know when you’re booking if you have adopted a pet rescue pet and we will give you a $25 discount.

All you need to do is to just show your paperwork to our installer when he arrives to measure your door.